Tragedy befalls local fishing company

Baffin Bay in Stanley earlier this year

fire on board Baffin Bay


A fire broke out on board F/V Baffin Bay MSPL9 early this morning, Thursday 3rd December, whilst she was berthed at Bouzas in Vigo whilst general repair work was being carried out in preparation for next loligo Season 2021.

F/V Baffin Bay has fished in Falklands waters since 1995. She is owned by South Atlantic Squid (UK) Ltd a joint venture company with local FI company Beauchene Fishing Co Ltd and Copemar S.A of Vigo Spain.

Sadly she will apparently not be able to be saved and Beuchene Fishing Company Ltd have paid thanks to all the relevant authorities in Vigo and firemen for their hard work in attempting to stop the fire.

Beauchene and Copemar have also thanked all colleagues for their phone calls and messages saying that, "we have sought comfort in the fact that the Fishing Industry is such a close knit community in the Falklands as well as in Vigo, Galicia. We will now be working to ensure the best outcome for all companies concerned and our Captain and crew, our commitment to them is at the forefront of our concerns"


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