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Maintaining Sustainability

Living on a remote group of Islands located in the deep South Atlantic Ocean; Falkland Islanders have always had a great affiliation with the sea and are proud of their maritime heritage.

It was the introduction of the Fisheries Conservation zones and management regime in 1986 that transformed the economy of the Falkland Islands and provided opportunities in this sector for Falkland Islanders. Today it is the fishing industry which fuels the Island’s economy through ITQ/, licence fees and corporate tax receipts.

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Science Supporting our Industry

Our fishing industry is supported by and depends upon internationally respected research. We are an active participant in the Government’s science and consultation process, and provide funding for academic and industry research and innovation. Our vessels also provide a valuable platform for continuous scientific research and oversight of the different fisheries helping to achieve the understanding and knowledge facilitating the evidence based approach that is the foundation of the fishery.

Marine Conservation

The Falkland’s fishing industry operates in an environment that is rich in marine habitats and species diversity and the Government have various legal and enforcement measures in place to protect species or areas for the purpose of marine conservation and biodiversity. The Industry is legally required to comply with all measures to protect marine species and their habitats. Information provided by the industry continues to fill gaps in knowledge with regard to biodiversity and species protection whilst also providing additional funds for research.

Our Marketplace

For more than thirty years we have produced high value seafood for the international market, if you are eating Calamari in Southern Europe for example there is a very good chance it came from our waters. Our fish are shipped from the Falklands all over the world.

Our mission is to continue to be good stewards of our marine resources, developing on the sound basis we have created in the past decades and continue to be reliable producers and suppliers of some of the best seafood in the world, produced to the highest standards.

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The Future

FIFCA members are investing in fleet renewal, with two new, purpose built vessels already having entered service - CFL Hunter and the Monteferro, with more under construction.

The establishment in 2012 of the Falklands first MSC and FDA certified processing plant has afforded opportunities to add value to our catches. In addition to products such as Patagonian Toothfish portions and fillets and processed squid, the plant also offers both smoked and unsmoked Falkland Sea Trout.

Companies within FIFCA are constantly looking to expand their businesses and diversify into other areas. Some related directly to the fishing industry whilst others have expanded into retail, hospitality, property and the construction services. The income generated from commercial fishing has allowed this growth to develop beyond the scope of fishing and add further value to the economy whilst creating more employment opportunities.