The Wombles of FIFCA go Wombling again

Clean up in full swing

second annual FIFCA beach clean

On Tuesday 19th October, members of the Falkland Islands Fishing Companies Association took to the beach in what has become an annual clearing of the shoreline in and around Stanley. The focal point for this year was the area between FIPASS and the TDF jetty. Although disappointing, it is inevitable that some bags get snagged and are blown from the vessels during transhipments and other maritime functions given the weather here.

As well as the FIFCA walkabout, companies within the sector periodically carry out coastal walks, particularly after transhipments or stormy weather to check the coast line for not just industry related, but any debris that may have washed ashore. We are also reliant to a degree and continue to be grateful to the general public for informing the industry of any debris they come across in order that FIFCA can fulfil their promise of having it removed as quickly as possible in a way that has a minimum impact on the environment.

Speaking on behalf of FIFCA, James Bates said that unlike the Yorke Bay clean up last year, the weather was perfect for the clean-up this year and wanted to thank the 20+members of the Association for turning up for the mornings work. He went onto to say that whilst a lot of the items picked up were related to the fishing industry, a considerable amount of the debris wasn’t fishing related. He also said that as a frequent walker of that track that he was very happy to see the tyres removed that had clearly been there for many years but expressed surprise by how many bin-bags of baby/toilet wipes had been washed ashore reiterating the point that just because it says, “flushable” on the packets, doesn’t mean they should be flushed down the toilets.

Feeling thirsty and in need of coffee and a bun. Maurice and his crew at the Mission to Seafarers kindly laid on a decent smoko which was greatly appreciated and rounded of the mornings work very nicely indeed.

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