FIFCA play their part at launch of the Falklands Seafarers manual

Members of the Falkland Islands Port Welfare Board,(FIPWB)

All production costs met by Falklands fishin industry.

The Mission to Seafarers were proud to launch the much-anticipated Seafarers Manual on Tuesday says Maurice Lake who is the Port Chaplain.


He added that to the idea of providing a Health manual for Seafarers and particularly one with an emphasis on Fishermen operating in the South Atlantic was borne out of The Haynes Manual published in the UK in 2012. It proved a great success, and as well as giving advice, it led many fishermen to contact Dreadnought Medical services and speedily receive any treatment needed. He also said that whilst things here in the Falkland Islands are somewhat different in the latter respect, there is still a need to prevent and/or identify health issues at the earliest opportunity.


The new manual is a culmination of over two years of hard work from the Falkland Islands Port Welfare Board, (FIPWB) which is made up of members from FIFCA, Welfare, Medical & Police Services as well as Religious groups.

A spokesman for the Port Welfare Board said that whilst the FIPWB were responsible for the manual, Maurice Lake, Della Buck from KEMH, Tony Ellis from Tone dog design and Julie Halliday of Studio52 were instrumental in seeing the project through and special thanks is due to them for their dedication and support.


FIFCA Executive Secretary James Bates, (also on the Port Welfare Board) said that when the idea first came to light in 2017 that the Association would be proud and more than happy to play its part and has consequently covered all costs of the manual.


David Parsons, who is a former CEO of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board UK,(now an Ambassador for them) who is currently visiting the Islands says that it was one of the best welfare documents he had ever seen and especially loved the fact that it had been printed in so many languages.


It is hoped that this manual, with its humorous LARRY LOLIGO graphic will entice our fishermen and seafarers to read through identify any issues and feel confident to report any concerns related to their health and welfare.


Early indications from visiting Seafarers have shown that the manual has been positively received.”


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