FIFCA launch annual Christmas card competition

FIFCA turn to IJS for inspiration..

On Wednesday 6th November, FIFCA Executive Secretary, James Bates along with Association member Sarah Clement attended the weekly assembly at the Infant Junior School,(IJS) to launch what will hopefully become an annual Christmas card competition.

The competition will run during the month of November and the winners of each year group will receive a winners certificate, a donation towards their class Christmas party and have their cards produced, where they will end up at locations all over the world.

Launching the competition, James said that it was a bit of light hearted fun and was keen to find ways to engage with our younger members of the community and introduce them to an industry that plays a vital part in all of our lives, and what could be better way than tapping into to raw talent of our up and coming artists with the lure of treats towards their end of term Christmas parties.

Sarah and James sat down and chose the themes for each year group as it was decided to have as much variation as possible within the designs. Themes include, “Christmas and the Ocean, Wildlife, landscapes, events and a traditional design, so there is plenty there to inspire the and stoke the imagination.

The winners will be announced early in December and the cards will go straight into production in order that they could be sent overseas in good time. They will also be for sale to Association and the public in packs of 10, with the proceeds over and above production costs being donated to the Lighthouse Seafarers Mission in recognition of the work they carry out all year round, but in particular to the efforts they put into making Christmas a special event in the Islands.

Further outreach programmes are planned for 2020 and these will include talks to students at FICS. Details of these events will follow.

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