Falkland Islands Fishing Companies Association sponsor annual awards & Achievements evening

Proud achievers at the awards evening

FIFCA sponsor 2nd annual awards event

Last Wednesday, the Falkland Islands Fishing Companies Association had the pleasure to sponsor an evening that recognised the academic and apprenticeship achievements attained recently in the Falkland Islands.

Organised and arranged by Ali Ford of the Training Centre, this is the second year this event has been run and is proving to be a huge success and something that the Fishing Industry are proud to be associated with.

Thanks to revenues from the fishing industry and prudent Government investments, the Falkland Islands economy has been transformed and are a self sufficient nation in many ways and access to further and higher education has become more accessible in recent years. Over the last 30 years, nearly 400 Islanders have engaged in FE and 232 in HE awards have been achieved. It appears that the Falkland Islands are awash with exceptional young individuals all keen to make their mark and contribute in any way they can to the Falkland Islands and its re-assuring to know that the Islands will be in safe hands for generations to come.

This event was followed up two days later by a, “business breakfast” where students currently in the Islands on their holidays or taking sabbaticals had the opportunity to meet business leaders and representatives from all sectors in a more personal environment.

This was the first time this event has taken place and it was also considered a great success. It gave companies within the Falklands an idea of what talent was out there and looking for opportunities on completion of their qualifications.

FIFCA Executive Secretary, James Bates met students that were studying towards qualifications in Environmental & Marine Sciences, Seamanship and Engineering, which are all described as key skills in the Falklands where there are notable shortages and he felt this was very encouraging given that more and more of the fisheries science in the Falklands is taking place in the Islands and the trend looks to continue on an upward curve for the foreseeable future

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