Beauchene Sponsorship of the National Sports Council

Beauchene Fishing Company Ltd. make huge donation

The National Sports Council (NSC) and Beauchene Fishing Co Ltd, are delighted to announce that Beauchene Fishing Co Ltd, together with their joint venture partners Igueldo Fisheries (F.I.) Co Ltd and South Atlantic Squid Ltd, have agreed a major funding package to support the Falkland Islands team for the Island Games in Guernsey next year.

Beauchene will be the principal sponsor for the games, having very generously offered £50,000 of funding. This will be used firstly to fund the team kit for the games, secondly to ensure that all full-time students (whether studying here or elsewhere in the world) are fully funded, and the residue will be split between clubs to assist in the cost of airfares, playing kit, other travel costs, preparation and accommodation.

This £50,000 from Beauchene will be supplemented by further amounts from their joint venture partners in the loligo fishery, Igueldo and South Atlantic Squid, of £15,000 each. Beauchene advise that this level of support is available to the NSC, in support of its wider objectives, as a result of FIGs commitment to delivering ITQ B in a timely manner. Investment in community facilities and events is a key element of the new Fisheries Accord.

The Falkland Islands will take a team of around 100 athletes in 12 sports to the Guernsey Games, by far the largest team we have ever assembled. Guernsey will have a full programme of 16 sports, and for the first time the Falklands expect to include a basketball squad. The cost of attending a games is around £3,000 per head, meaning that we will need to raise, between NSC, clubs and individuals, around £300,000 for these games. This is a major commitment, and the Beauchene group donation is a major contribution to this.

Beauchene Managing Director, Cheryl Roberts, has said “Sport is a major contributor to healthy lifestyle, and to creating a sense of community. People of all ages can benefit from what sport brings to the community, whether competing at a high level or for recreational purposes. We are very happy to be helping our sports men and women prepare for, and attend, the Guernsey Island Games, and we wish them all well. We regularly support a number of community events and charitable causes throughout the year, including currently funding a student for Ice Hockey and education in the UK. This is core to our company culture. The introduction of ITQ B enables us to continue to invest in our business, and in our community, with confidence.




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