Beauchene Fishing Company Limited Donation of £20,000 to Lighthouse Seafarer’s Mission

FIFCA Supports the Lighthouse Seafarers Mission

FIFCA member Beauchene Fishing Company Ltd has made an extremely generous donation of £20,000 to the Falklands Branch of the Lighthouse Seafarers Mission.

For the last 15 years, Beauchene has annually distributed an excellent diary to businesses, associates, family and friends.

However, in today’s electronic world, the computer diary has taken over and it is with that in mind that Beauchene decided that 2019 would be the last year for the paper diary.

Each recipient of the 2019 Diary will have received a short note to confirm that decision which also informed them that Beauchene would be donating a sum of money to the Lighthouse Seafarers Mission. That sum is £20,000, the equivalent of producing and distributing their Diaries for another ten years.

Along with other FIFCA members, Beauchene have worked with the Mission for many years and provides corporate sponsorship on a monthly basis. Managing Director Cheryl Roberts said “We didn’t want to just stop sending the diaries and leave it at that, so we decided that we would donate the funds we would have spent. We have chosen the Lighthouse Seafarer’s Mission as it works hard to look after crews from our Fishing Vessels the Baffin Bay and Igueldo, as well as the rest of the fleet which fishes our waters, and provides a much-needed service to the whole seafaring community”.

Mission Chaplain Maurice Lake said “This most generous donation is confirmation for us at the Lighthouse, that the services we provide are both necessary and valued. Donations such as this do not come often to Seafarers Missions anywhere in the world, so as a small, independent Seafarers Mission in the South Atlantic, it is received with much gratitude.”

Maurice continued “The donation has no restrictions placed on it by Beauchene and comes at a crucial time for the Mission, as we are currently three quarters of the way through a £60,000 project to improve our facilities.

Having received generous help from Morrison’s (Falklands) Ltd, PWD and a £20,000 Grant from Seafarers UK, we were a still some way short of the total needed. It therefore makes Beauchene’s donation of great importance to the Mission, as we can now proceed to completion of the project.

It is hoped that there will be an official opening of the project work later this year, probably around the end of July.


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