Argos award turns 20

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Argos Award celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The Argos Award celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019 having been set up in 1999 by the then Directors/Shareholders of Argos Fishing Company Ltd.

The Award was originally set up to help young Islanders to achieve their goals benefiting themselves and the community and awards have been made to youth organisations, sports clubs, the drug awareness programme, (D.A.R.E) and to many young individuals seeking to broaden their horizons with exciting projects.

Having recently sponsored the newly formed Southern Heartbeat Charity, FIOGA and regularly support the Lighthouse Seafarers Mission, Argos Group Ltd is no stranger to charitable donations.

This award, sponsored by them since 2003 had an initial budget of £5000, but was doubled to £10,000 in 2015. This made way for an even greater number of our younger community, clubs and organisations to benefit from the support of this worthy award.

Whilst funded by Argos Group Ltd, the award is run completely independently of the company by a board of 4 local Trustees with no connection to the Company. All applications are sent to the Trustees who determine which of the applications are successful for funding. There are no set criteria for funding and payments generally range from £500 to £3500.00.

Applying couldn’t be easier and Argos Group Ltd has received wide-ranging and diverse requests for funds and would invite any and all local applications for funding. Simply send a letter of application by email to

Good luck!

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